[Talena] Bricker's poignant debut single "Drowning" … is a dark and powerful indie folk tune …Listen and dig. ”

Santa Rosa Records


As a Pacific Northwest native and indie-folk musician, Talena Bricker has taken her time sharing her work.  Plagued by major stage fright and deep insecurities, this singer-songwriter spent years working on her craft, but rarely sharing it.  For 15 years she played guitar and wrote music, studied poetry, and even played with a couple local bands.  However, privacy and fear took priority over her love for making and sharing music.  Finally, she found herself writing songs that compelled her to look deeper into the worth of these fears, and driven by her own music and the countless artists who had influenced and inspired her, she started performing around her Richland, Washington home. She's now branching out and doing shows around the Pacific Northwest. She also recorded her first EP, “Drowning,” released in January, 2018, at Sound Forge Studios in Richland, WA, produced by Jason Vorpagel.  Ear To The Ground music blog calls Talena "a contemplative singer songwriter with command of the acoustic guitar. Her lyrics are often poetic and thoughtful." And When The Horn Blows says, "Bricker's captivating vocal spills vivid poetic lyricism amongst delicate and consoling arrangements."

Stemming from her Pacific Northwest roots, Talena’s songs and voice reflect the environment perfectly.  Mysterious sounds, dark and sun-dappled as the old-growth forests.  At other times they’re powerful waves breaking on a deserted and painfully picturesque coastline.  And always, the coolness and the kind of melancholy that comes from 300 days of cloudy and/or rainy weather per year. Her music has been called ethereal and haunting, and compared to artists such as Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, and Iron and Wine. Her songs explore the themes of choices, loss, and overcoming fears, just as she navigates these themes in her own life and musical career. 

Talena’s earliest musical exposure came from her parents’ collection of Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and John Denver,  who provided the soundtrack for frequent roadtrips around Washington and Oregon.  Like many of her Northwest peers, she later became enamored with The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie and The Decemberists, who all can be heard in her work. 

She lives now with her husband and kids in Washington’s Tri-Cities area - at the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia rivers in the desert region of Southeastern Washington - a place which is frequently named as one of the Top-10 places in America to raise a family.  Looming over the region is the dramatically treeless Rattlesnake Mountain where winds as high as 150 mph have been recorded – nearly the same as a Category-5 hurricane.  The local Native American tribes called it “Laliik” or “Land Above Water” and believed it to be the gateway for souls leaving this world - an image that could certainly find a comfortable niche in one of Talena Bricker’s songs.