Talena Bricker has been writing music for seventeen years, but it is only now that she is bringing her music to public attention and we are very grateful for that. Following in a similar vein of Agnes Obel, there's a wonderful, transfixing tone to Bricker's voice on 'Drowning' - making the vocal delivery and darkly poetic lyrical themes of loss, longing, regret and deep sadness, as evocative and poignant as the song's shuddering instrumentation.”

When The Horn Blows

Debut EP- Drowning

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 As a Pacific Northwest native and indie-folk musician, Talena Bricker has taken her time sharing her work.  Plagued by major stage fright and deep insecurities, this singer-songwriter spent years working on her craft, but rarely sharing it.  For 15 years she played guitar and wrote music, studied poetry, and even played with a couple local bands.  However, privacy and fear took priority over her love for making and sharing music.  Finally, she found herself writing songs that compelled her to look deeper into the worth of these fears, and driven by her own music and the countless artists who had influenced and inspired her, she started performing   around her Richland, Washington home. She also recorded her first EP, Drowning,  released in January, 2018, at Sound Forge Studios in Richland, WA, produced by Jason Vorpagel. Her songs often explore her journey through overcoming her fears, dealing with loss, and choices. Her music has often been called haunting and ethereal, and compared to Iron and Wine, Elliot Smith, and Agnes Obel.  Talena is currently working on her second EP, recorded at The Rye Room in Portland, OR and set to release in 2020.

Hi-Res Drowning EP Cover

Hi-Res Drowning EP Cover

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"[Talena] is a contemplative singer songwriter with command of the acoustic guitar. Her lyrics are often poetic and thoughtful. Drowning is an interesting album that is worthy of your listen." Ear To The Ground

"Talena Bricker weaves sadness into serenity in new single, 'From These Cliffs'. There's a solemn and reverant tone to the song, as Bricker's captivating vocal spills vivid poetic lyricism amongst delicate and consoling arrangements." When The Horn Blows

"Talena’s mellow vocals harmonise beautifully with subtle guitar in a way which will give you chills." York Calling

“[Talena] Bricker's poignant debut single "Drowning" … is a dark and powerful indie folk tune …Listen and dig,”  Santa Rosa Records

"This sweet, subtle folk style is well balanced for the ear. The acoustic guitar just glides from line to line, providing a beautiful basis for the lead vocal. The great thing about Bricker’s vocal is that she doesn’t try to do too much, but it doesn’t feel understated either. It just nestles expertly into the string work, like a bird into its nest. This is a fascinating track full of natural imagery and a comfortable vibe." Ear To The Ground

 "'Drowning' is an incredibly beautiful yet bleak introduction to Bricker's sound, seeing her pull from waltzy, dark folk influences and classical pop, leaving her listener feeling haunted by the ghosts of what once was and what could have been." When The Horn Blows

"Drowning is the debut EP from Talena Bricker. Far too many singer/songwriters (particularly female ones) get labelled as "haunting" and "ethereal," and Bricker definitely is. But when your music hits the same nerves as Elliott Smith and Nick Drake, it's an apt comparison. . . From the second I started listening to "Walking Mountain," I had made the Elliott Smith comparison in my head. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. " If It's Too Loud

“This subtle and sweet folk song has some haunting unison vocals that will pull you in immediately....” Ear To The Ground



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